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> You're wrong there, Tom - or at least you would have been last year. Up to 
> that point, Sonoma State had offered a Music Business course as well as a 
> Songwriting course that also covered how to submit materials for review. 
> Both classes were taught by a record producer who has a few Grammies under 
> his belt.
> Unfortunately, with the demise of the California budget, that instructor 
> along with all the classes he taught have been eliminated from the 
> curriculum to save money. He was not tenured so was one of the first to go. 
> But the classes are still in the catalog, so there's still hope for their 
> return someday!

Hi Beth: 

  There are exceptions to the generic message that I was trying to get 
across, however in all practicality, Sonoma State is not in the Entertainment 
capitol of the USA and certainly does not reach enough musicians in those classes to 
get the word out. 

There is some coverage on some issues at a few universities now, after folks 
like me have screamed about it at conventions and trade shows and conferences 
for years, not being in the courses offered at every school that teaches 

It is fitting that Sonoma State would have such a teacher for the project, as 
that geographic area indeed has many residents that have Grammy's and 
nominations from the Music Industry.  Many Musicians and former Rock stars and actors 
and other show business folks live in that stretch of California.

And yes it is shameful that it was cut from the budget, however it just goes 
to show ya that once again, that Music has for a long time been at the top of 
the list for budget cuts, and whose fault is that?  Especially in Schools, 
Speak out, scream and yell about it at every opportunity, stop being passive, the 
meek shall indeed inherit the Earth, about six feet of it.   Do not go down 
without a fight.  Heck go beat up the Superintendent with a Clarinet if you 
have to. :))


Tom Wiggins
( who had a few Grammy nominations as well)  :))  for Producer of the Year 
category, and was the recipient of the Trendsetter of the year award for 
International Marketing of phonograph recordings.

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