[Dixielandjazz] New Years Eve

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Thu Dec 16 19:50:47 PST 2004

Romans said :Just wondering how NY's Eve is shaping up for my listmares out 
in Dixieland Jazz Land! Cell Block 7 doesn't have a New Year's Eve 
gig...probably because bands have priced themselves....."

Things have changed here in Southern California also in the past couple of 
years. $300-350 per player has changed to $150 per player. One 12-piece band I 
am with got a nibble for a gig for $2000 BUT we eventually turned it down; they 
had a nasty disclaimer clause holding them blameless for everything AND 
holding us to blame for everything that might happen at their event (it was a big 
corporation holding the event). My 7-piece dance band lost a bid for a job to 
another group; the winning bidder did last year for $2700, and the same group 
is doing the same gig this year for $1700. My Dixieland group was offered $600 
(7-piece plus a singer). I said I would think about it (it was too cheap). 
They called back to tell me to forget about it; they found another band for $350. 
At a rehearsal for a big band I am in (1-2 gigs per month), I asked the 
players who had a new years gig; NOBODY raised their hand. I am in another big band 
that plays about once per month at a retirement gated golf community; they 
always LOVE us, the management hired an outside disc jockey for $3000. When 
asked about it, we were told that DJ had just bought his equipment and he really 
needed the money. I suspect who does the hiring often does not know how to 
dance BUT that same person likes to buy a $400 dress and likes to spend $300 in 
the beauty shop and likes to spend $75 per plate for food at the event. Go 
figure. I am spending New Years Eve at home this year. Things just ain't what they 
used to be. Maybe the Country and Rock bands are doing okay.

Tom Loeb
Riverside, CA

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