[Dixielandjazz] Why musicians don't talk to fans - and/or listentoother band

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  Hi all,

  As far as asking questions regarding particular historical info, discography 
  stuff etc., sometimes people simply don't remember.  I think that die-hard 
  fans know more about data like that than most of the musicians who played 
  the dates!

  Then it would be very easy to say, "Gee, I'm sorry, I simply can't remember."

  However, in fairness, I have witnessed, many times, overly eager and nervous fans who 
  try to prolong their star encounter well beyond the boundaries of 
  politeness.  I'm sure it's not fun for a musician trying to take a break to 
  have an over-zealous fan forcing themselves upon him.  

  Since the above is in response to my post, both I and my wife can assure you that I ( like the vast majority of OKOM lovers) am a "perfect (in every conceivable way!) English/American gentleman, and would never dream of "pestering" a musician. (VBG). But, hey, just where would the musicians be without the good folks who pay $300 to hear them for a few hours over a weekend, and spend hundreds (even thousands) of dollars to buy their LPs and CDs? 

  If it seems an artist doesn't want to converse, but a fan feels the need to say something, "I really enjoyed the set," and perhaps a handshake should suffice.

  Of course, Rob, and I do think we "older generation" were brought up to know good manners.

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