[Dixielandjazz] Sales tax on graphics - goods vs. services

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Mon Dec 13 20:32:19 PST 2004

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> Good point, Nancy. Here in California, there is NO sales tax on labor. 
> Sales
> tax is required for most products but not all - groceries and prescribed
> medications are exempted. There may be other exemptions as well.

Hi Stan & All:

That is a matter of which Tax wannabe collector you talk to or who finds your 
business in their never ending quest for new pockets to rob.    Pretty soon 
you will see ASCAP and BMI Charging tax as well becasue they will find some 
folks who will fall for it and pay it.    Heck everything has tax right?

You need to hire a studio to record a project, they now wish to charge you   
sales tax for the hourly rate of the studio and engineer.   Now in some 
studios I know it is usually only paid by the novice band or artist who believed it, 
the others negotiate a flat rate deal for a block of time and tell the studio 
owner or engineer to stuff it.    However if you call a plumber or 
electrician for services they will usually do the same, the Doctors don't do it   
because it is already built into the inflated fees anyway.



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