[Dixielandjazz] Early Jazz In NYC - Jan 6, 2005

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Hi Nancy,

Yes, I am aware that strange things go on in California, but I didn't realise any of them had anything to do with OKOM. Anyway, the last "Jazz Party" that my wife and I attended in San Diego, several years ago and organised by Herb K? was certainly a great success. As you may know, this is a single-venue party at a hotel, and lasts from about 7pm. Friday evening to about midnight on the Sunday, with a total of about 24 hours of music by a total of about 30 of the top OKOK players such as......Polcer, Barrett, Davern, Vache (Alan), Sandke, Kellso, Hedges,
Gordon, Shane, (the late) Sutton, Varro, Wilber, Hanna, Ascione, Miles, Flanigan, Moore, Cohen, Havens, Grosz, Pizzarelli (Bucky et.al)...never a duffer amongst them. Tickets for the whole weekend were close to $300 and all ~250 tickets were/are (?) usually sold out. 

The same thing at the annual Atlanta and Arbors (Florida) parties. So the audience is there. However, as a non-player, one thing I have noticed is that many of the top musicians (who's LPs and CDs I have bought by the hundreds) are not too keen on talking to their "fans". There are quite a few exceptions of course....including Hedges, Barrett, Polcer, Shane and the late Sutton. Why do so many of the others act as if we "groupies" didn't exist....unless of course we are pretty girls who "flash" the clarinet player?!! LOL.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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  >  Yes, it indeed is Sad Arn, but a strange thing goes on in California
  regarding Music Stars, not only in OKOM with great players like Ed Polcer
  and his buddies from the East.

  >  Big name Rock Artists from the 50, s 60, s can sell out Madison Sq. Garden in
  NY and can't draw 300 people in California many times, which drives them
  crazy because they can't get a reasonable tour to work on the Left Coast...

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