[Dixielandjazz] OKOM Bands - How Stupid Can We Be?

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 13 09:44:37 PST 2004

Williams, Bob at robert.c.williams at eds.com wrote: (polite snip)

> Sacramento is, far and away, the most anal-retentive about monitoring CD
> sales from the bandstand.  All other festivals, if they do this at all, rely
> on the integrity of the band leader.  Ahem.  Sacramento's stated intent is
> to cover the administrative cost of paying the sales tax, but the price of
> this went to $4 per CD last year, and I think this amount is difficult to
> justify.  It is *not* intended to be profit generating, at least nominally.
> I know of at least one band that has refused to play at the festival because
> of this high cost.  But even so, a great band can take in $10 - $15K on this
> weekend in CD sales.  A mediocre band can take in $3 or $4K.  That's a
> pretty decent weekend, and unmatched out here where there are lots of
> festivals and lots of good, or at least popular, bands.  On the couple
> occasions when I was able to time a "new release" with the Sacramento
> Festival, I was able to make all my money back in that weekend, or close to
> it.
> I'm not responding to defend this practice, but to present my understanding
> of the rationale for it.  I don't think it's based on greed or unpedigreed
> parentage or even nefariosity.

Maybe not but $4 per CD covers a hell of a lot more than "Sales Tax" no?
Then again, if the bands are hired as "independent contractors, are they,
not the Jubilee responsible for sales tax?

BTW, talking with a few of the Eastern Bands who have gone to Sacto, I have
yet to come across one that sold $4000 in CDs there on 2004. And they were
well above the "mediocre" scale IMO. Be that as it may, the amount they sell
is none of the Jubilee's business. The bands deserve every penny.

But OK, belay the pedigree and nefarious and just call it "stupid". In any
event, bands should refuse categorically to pay $4 per CD as a "handling &
tax" charge. That's like, over 25% gasp and just plain WRONG.

Steve Barbone

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