[Dixielandjazz] Early Jazz In NYC - Jan 6, 2005

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Theatre tickets in New York City are now in the $80 to $120 range. And you can't get people to pay $20 to listen to Ed Polcer and his buddies? That's really sad. Players like those won't be around for much longer.
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  > "...The Arizona festival last month had John Cocuzzi, John Sheridan, Phil
  Flanigan, Allan Vache, and Jeff Hamilton who played several sets each

  Great!  I believe they let John Sheridan put that group together as his
  "Dream Band," didn't they?  I've seen several Cocuzzi solos in which I
  thought there'd be smoke rising from the vibes any minute because he gets
  cookin' so hot.

  Phil Flanigan, one of my favorite bass players, will miss the Jubilee for
  the second year in a row for lack of an invite. I think, perhaps, Jubilee
  budget cuts have led to having Howard Alden's EAST COAST All-Stars play with
  a WEST COAST bass player (Dave Stone, also a wonderful bass player, but
  maybe they should cut the "East Coast" title). At least I can see Phil in
  early March with "Allan Vache's Big Four" at the Dixieland Monterey
  Festival. That will be a chance for Californians to hear the tasty sounds of
  Orlando cornetist Davy Jones, also part of Allan's awesome quartet.

  Steve is right that it IS SAD that we can't guarantee Ed Polcer's All-Stars
  a decent paying audience. I'd really like to see something come together
  between now and Feb. 21st when they pass through town. Any sponsors or
  volunteers out there to help make this happen?

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