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Everyone has their "list".  But, in the words of Tommy Loy (who I think took this from Knocky Parker),
"What's the big deal?  Play the tune!  It'll take 3 minutes and you'll make someone happy".
My 2 cents.  I immensely enjoy this list!

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My pal Tom Wiggins said that one of his top five songs hated is:

5.  My Funny Valentine no matter who the chick singer is.

To which I ask:

OK, but have you heard Chet Baker Sing it? Or Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker
play it? Gorgeous song, gorgeous harmonies to explore for those so inclined.

Me, I like them all, as long as they swing, or if a ballad, as long as there
are varied harmonic avenues to explore. If they don't swing, or are boring
like Eh La Ba, I shut my ears.

Steve Barbone

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