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Snogpitch snogpitch at prodigy.net
Tue Dec 7 17:13:27 PST 2004

Expect to hear more requests for WWW, as it's being promo'd in the movie
theaters for the upcoming movie Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  I thought
to myself when I saw the preview:  well, here goes that thread again on

On 12/7/04 4:58 PM, "Zenith Sydney" <zenith at ans.com.au> wrote:

> In general terms I agree with Tom's above comments.
> We have WWW on one CD at the request of some of our fans and Caldonia is
> another which is frequently asked for because we usually play it as a encore
> and capitalise on all the impulse buyer sales.  I don't hate any tunes. I
> just like some a lot better than others.
> Tom (Make love not War) Wood


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