[Dixielandjazz] Whores and Big Bands OT oldest profession?

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Don't confuse what I said.  The classical interpretation of the professions
circa 1400 ad was the four I mentioned however modern professions or people
that call themselves professional bear little resemblance to the classical
professions.  Why do we have a union?  Unions are officially called Trade
Unions made up of people who have a trade or skill.  Musicians fall into
this category although few of us would wish to place ourselves in the ranks
of a machine operator for instance any more than a fine artist would place
himself in the ranks of house painters. This is why we have a musicians
(trade) Union and not a musicians professional association.  The word
profession has evolved over the centuries to include almost every job there
is and is merely used to designate someone who devotes himself to something
and makes money at it.  Actually I like the classical definition of
professional better but that's no longer politically correct.  By watering
down the word by adding everything to it, it then starts to mean nothing.

I think that this is one of the reasons why people, especially teachers,
have such objections to the idea of teacher's unions.  Most of them hold
themselves to a higher order and standard and don't want to be classed with
lower class blue-collar workers.  I was a teacher and know how they think.
I actually sat in classes where the prof. rhapsodized on the calling and
high standard of the profession and other such Bull S**t.

Having said all that I am at a loss as to what I would call a musician who
makes his living (or at least makes money) at an art form to a high standard
but professional.  My hat is off to the many fine musicians  who are always
trying to further the business as well as the skills required in this great

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> > Classically speaking a profession was limited to Teaching, Law, Medicine
> > Theology.  Professions deal with people and their lives whereas
> > is not a profession but a trade.  Music also is not a profession but a
> > in the classical sense.  That brings up Whores.  Where do they fit in
> > classical sense.  Well, they do deal with people and their lives in
> > bit
> > an intimate way that for example a Doctor might.  Actually they hit on
> > four of the Professions.  After seeing one you may need a doctor.  They
> > certainly can teach you a thing or two.  Your wife may call upon a
lawyer if
> > you go to see one and Shouts of OH God! Might be occasionally heard.  So
> > guess that about sums it up it must be a profession.
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> > Well, Larry:
> I would go on record as believing that it is a profession that services
> professions and professionals from all walks of life.
> So if they wish to be referred to as Professionals in their chosen
> who am I to disagree, certainly if history teaches us anything, many
> professional musicians would not even have been here or be here if it were
not for
> their professional contributions to the profession.
> Not that I would have any actual personal knowledge of these observations
> I have heard lots of stories true or false in the band room from fellows I
> have no reason to believe have not had first hand knowledge.
> :)))
> Cheers,
> Rev. Tom -Bob
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> thinking of committing, no need to confess, just wash your mouth out and
> with a liter of Single Malt or fine cognac and forget about it unless you
> caught and then never never admit it and cry Rape and swear that you did
> enjoy it at all.  It worked for Richard Pryor for many years.
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