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Mon Dec 6 21:53:39 PST 2004

TOM....putting good jazz on the same bill as Disney's Mickey Mouse would have 
been quite a different matter than coupling good jazz with Sammy Kaye or Guy 
Lombardo etc. ,even though THAT Mickey Mouse music was far more honest than 
the  electronic stuff that dis-honors the word "smooth" today. Fact is the 
Dixieland I heard in cartoons during my almost every weekend visit to the movies 
combined with the Western Swing I heard in the Westerns  during the 1930's set 
up my ears for Louis,Sidney, Johnny Dodds et al to begin  my life-long love 
affair             with America's ever evolving art form through N.O. 
,Dixie,Chicago,Swing/K.C. ,Be Bop, Straight Ahead ,Free and the rest of the REAL THING!!  
 al singer

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