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Thanks, Stan. Laser turntables were commercially available 15 or more years ago but never became popular because of the advent of the CD. The main (only?) advantage of the laser TT was that it did not wear out precious LPs that one wanted to last dozens of years and hundred of playings. There never was any claim of better audio....in fact, as the article hints, a laser beam will pick up tiny pits and blebs in the grooves that most styli would miss.
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  I sent the information about the laser turntable from the ELP Corporation to
  the Duke Ellington mailing list and got the following informational website
  in return. Those of you who are considering the ELP laser turntable for a
  Christmas or Hanukkah gift should look at this website before purchase:


  This website also has a link to a review of the ELP laser turntable by
  Stereophile magazine.

  Stan Brager

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