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> Steve....please " smooth jazz "has now been OFFICIALLY   listed as the  #1 
> oxymoron of the 21st Century  by the OXYMORON  SOCIETY   of THE  WORLD.  
> Genuine 
> jazz,  of whatever  genre, is  a  far better  bet!   If my remark elicits 
> controversy I will  be disapointed if anybody in this list defends the 
> notion 
> that smooth IS jazz. Yes ,I know that it might "draw" a bigger crowd but so 
> what! A bunch of male strippers would likely do as well!!     al  singer
Hi Al:

The common denominator here is 2,500 seats that need to be filled to make a 
viable and economically sound business and as distasteful as it may sound, 
bringing in a So called Smooth Jazz headliner that can sell hard tickets to a 
younger audience and put good solid OKOM or other Jazz acts on the Bill with it 
will certainly do a lot more towards making the risky venture profitable and 
keeping a venue open and operating.

Obviously we have learned here form Larry's recent posts that there is not 
much of an established ticket buying public for their local acts or OKOM for 
that matter, so why not reach out and touch that other section of the market that 
is getting most of the available revenue.  If you don't someone else will 
certainly do so.

Besides we may rekindle some interest in OKOM by exposing it to new 
marketplaces and people who grew up on SMOOTH JAZZ and may never even have heard of 
OKOM or know what it is.

If OKOM is to survive and grow as a viable musical entity again we all have 
to pull our heads out of the sand and pay attention to what is happening all 
around us every day it is not about to go away.  If we do not do what we can at 
every opportunity to be a part of it then we will indeed shrivel up and die 
from lack of sunlight, unless of course we die from all the kicks in the Butt 
while we have our heads hiding in the sand.

Heck I and many others on this list played Smooth Jazz long before Clear 
Channel decided to call it Smooth Jazz.  They are not playing Smooth Jazz most of 
the time, they are playing Techno Jazz, but they don't know it and are simply 
using it as a marketing tool to further dissipate the Jazz audience.

I am certain Larry and the other musicians in St. Louis would welcome the 
opportunity to play in front of a 2,500 person audience any way they can get 

Your thoughts about Clark Terry are very valid and appropro however we must 
realize the reality that Mr. Terry is not young and will not be around too much 
longer unfortunately, but neither will his audience be around to buy tickets 
more than once or twice either.

We MUST Expand the market for OKOM or resign ourselves to allowing it to fade 
into obscurity until the next few generations discover it in vaults and old 
record shops and try to revive it once more.  This Horse ain't Dead on the 
track yet, so we should all do our part and try to nurse it back to health for at 
least one more BIG RACE before putting it or ourselves out to Stud service.  
It may be tired but it does not have a broken leg, so it is not time to SHOOT 


Tom Wiggins

Who recently sold a Smooth Jazz act for $16,000.00 for a one hour performance.

Do I like the act or it's music, Hell no but I am a Music Promoter and if I 
don't promote things that make a profit and draw an audience I go out of 
business Bottom-line, this ain't no Hobby.

Personally I love to book my own show on a bill with a Smooth Jazz act and 
then go out there and kick their ass and steal their audience.

Whether we OKOMers like it or not Smooth Jazz is here and will no doubt stay 
as long as it is making money for folks like Clear Channel.   When it fades 
from popularity there will be organizations and promoters around fifty years 
form now with save Smooth Jazz Societies.
I say either we get on the train and ride or get off the tracks before we get 
Run over again.

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