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> And don't forget to include the cost of meals

You still have to eat even if you stay home, so please don't let that deter 
anyone from going, and the food is not that expensive, there are places 
available for every budget and taste and most of it very very good.

and lodging, definitely pricey, especially if you wish to stay IN the 

Worth it,
though...FQF is wonderful. 

  Now that is an expensive part, but certainly worth all the free music and 
entertainment and the hotel taxes also go to paying the costs to give us a free 
event of this magnitude.  It has been proven folks that we Can't take the 
money with us so get out there and spend a little of it and have a good time 
doing it.  If you don't your kids will spend it all after you're gone anyway, and 
if you experience this great event and others like it and tell them about it 
they too will attend and keep it going.   

Well, Homelessness is very fashionable in some circles and they do have some 
nice parks in the French Quarter and some interesting local people who live 
there, easy to get some local history and conversation going if you reach out 
and touch somebody, but you might want to make a small contribution for the 
conversation to keep the local flavor alive and available for the next festival 
goers to enjoy. :))

Sorry Jane I could not resist being a bit silly.


Tom Wiggins

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