[Dixielandjazz] Dancing to Dixieland

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 3 17:47:09 PST 2004

Joe Hopkins wrote: (polite snip) about danceable Dixieland

> The beauty is we never get asked to play a
> latin nor a waltz...just good jazz. East coast "Condon style" dixieland.

> Joe  Hopkins
> AZ Classic Jazz Society Vice-President
> AZ Classsic Jazz Festival  Co-Director
> Jazz Clarinet 602-810-5888 or 480-396-6798
> _www.azclassicjazz.org_ (http://www.azaclassicjazz.org/)

OH OH, Now you've done it Ollie. You've given away our secret of turning the

Yessir, definitely not the de-balled low carb, sorta jazzy, non-swinging
music those effete bands around you play. :-) VBG

And you living just a few miles from La La Land, the home of the Tar Pits
for old OKOMers and other fossils. :-) VBG

And just what do you mean, "play where the kids are?" Gosh, I hope the rest
of the musos don't pick up on that. Next thing you know, we'll all be making
money in OKOM. :-) VBG

Steve Barbone

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