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> Same thing has happened to me, but what is better is they could get a 
> rock or country group and the group pays them.
> Where did we go wrong?
> On Dec 3, 2004, at 3:03 PM, Robert S. Ringwald wrote:
> >A couple of months ago a man from a retired men's group called The 
> >Sirs, heard The Boondockers, (our jazz and comedy band).  They wanted 
> >to hire us for a Christmas luncheon.  I gave them a price of $100 per 
> >man, 7 pieces. Since this was an afternoon short gig, I felt that it 
> >was fair.
> >
Good and Smarter Band leaders make it a point to join and be active in every 
organization in their community that has social functions that hire bands, 
i.e. Conventions and Visitors bureaus, Chamber of Commerce's,  Lions Club, 
Kiawanis, Elks, Moose, Political groups, women's groups, PTA associations, Police 
and Sheriff's organizations, etc. etc. etc.   there are many of them out there 
all over the country in every community, as well as getting involved with every 
Charitable organization you can find.  If you don't they will have a 
veterinarian or plumber or auto mechanic hiring the band because it will provide some 
excitement in his life and make him feel like he is in SHOW BUSINESS.

These are worse wannabes than the wannabe musicians that they usually hire 
and end up paying ten times as much money for because they are so naive and want 
to be a hero to their new found musician friends.  This continually blows 
apart and undermines the real working marketplace for professional musicians.

Much like the Guy Larry just mentioned in another post, "The Dr. who holds a 
Trumpet in front of his BIG BAND, and pays them all free to $30.00 a man to 
play."   Somebody should repair his Mercedes with the same quality a few times.  

Work you way onto the Board or Committee that hires the bands know when the 
events are coming ahead of time and book them with you're band if it fits the 
gig, if not don't be an idiot like them and take the gig that is better suited 
for someone else to make the event successful.

I book gigs every day and I guarantee you I give away more gigs to other 
groups than I take for my own show, this keeps my professional reputation high and 
the price of my acts high, I won't represent or sell a band that I would not 
hire myself.  I believe in giving folks what they pay for or sometimes even 
more, the repeat business and referrals of gigs from them and others makes for a 
fun and financially rewarding business.   40 years now.


Tom Wiggins
  "Like Good Wine, I Sell no Band before it's TIME"

It's TIME  :))

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