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> A couple of months ago a man from a retired men's group called The Sirs, 
> heard The Boondockers, (our jazz and comedy band).  They wanted to hire us 
> for a Christmas luncheon.  I gave them a price of $100 per man, 7 pieces. 
> Since this was an afternoon short gig, I felt that it was fair.
> I spoke with him later.  He said that it was too expensive for his group. 
> They got a 16 piece big band for less money.
> --Bob Ringwald
> Placerville, CA USA
> http://www.theboondockers.com
> Hi Bob:

This is a typical problem all over with the WRONG people in charge of hiring 
the bands and or entertainment, they are generally unsophisticated in regard 
to anything in the entertainment business.  More often than not it is a one 
time shot for them and if the event is not good or the entertainment properly 
matched for the event and purpose the organization usually just assigns "Get a 
Band" to somebody else next time.

I have no idea who's big band they got but I can assure you that the event 
will be far less successful than it would have been with the Boondockers for 
this kind of occasion, and your price was not out of line his brain was as was 
the guy who undercut you with 16 pieces for less.

Personally I compete in Quality not Quantity with my shows, if they can't 
afford my show then I will be happy to reccommend someone else in their budget 
range rather than cut my show down to the size they think they can afford which 
is usually BS anyway.

These kind of buyers just decide arbitrarily on a budget for a band and will 
book the first band that will take the offer, that is why there are horror 
stories and bad gig stories that abound all over the world and many of them known 
 and told by guys on this list.


Tom Wiggins

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