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> The key is to go play where the kids`are hanging out....a few years ago we  
> approached a club owner and suggested a monday night weekly gig as a swing  
> dancing night. We agreed to play for free for two weeks to get the gig....we 
> packed the joint and were there for over a year. Lessons from 7:00 to 8:00 
> pm  
> and the band from 8:00 to 11:00 pm. The key is to hook up with your local 
> swing  
> dance (not ballroom dance) crowd.

Why stop with one club owner,  That obviously started a movement, take it 
across town to another club on Tues. nights then another on Wed. pretty soon you 
could work it up to five or six nights week and live out everyone's dream of 
being a professional WORKING paid musician and earning what you would be worth 
for doing it, not to mention having a full calendar and less  unpaid rehearsal 
days.  :))

Too many OKOM bands gave up far too early back in the 60's when the going got 
rough because the rockers and Latin bands, etc., started doing exactly this 
to get their foot and music in the door.  Ya gotta create Excitement 
constantly, lose the fire and enthusiasm and perceived entertainment value in your band 
and music and you will soon lose your gigs as well.


Tom Wiggins

Keep swingin' and if some of you don't know how to swing then go out and 
listen to some bands that can and do, we can all learn something new everyday if 
we seek it out.

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