[Dixielandjazz] Good website for info on ragtime, blues and stride songs

Arnold Day arnieday at optonline.net
Fri Dec 3 07:48:34 PST 2004

It's an excellent site, Dave. Not sure about mp3 but there are several hundreds of midi files. If you have a good soundcard with good piano soundfonts, the audio quality is excellent..
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  Hi all,

  I was doing some research on the song "King Chanticleer" (a San 
  Francisco trad favorite) and found this interesting site:

  http://www.perfessorbill.com  by Bill Edwards - lots of info on the 
  hits (and a few obscure songs) of the early 1900s. Sheet music artwork 
  and mp3 files are here as well!

  check it out.

  Dave Richoux

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