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Yes that's in the dim past.  He has been dead for sometime and Gaslight
Square sunk back into the mist like Brigadoon.  The people of St. Louis
collectively turned their back on Gaslight square where many greats
performed.  The problem was security.  While the square area had good
security the blocks around it where people had to park was like swimming
with sharks.  If you had a few and then had to walk in semi darkness three
blocks to your car through deteriorating neighborhoods where someone could
rob you and then step back in his living room and watch TV was taking your
life in your hands.  Some gaslight square patrons lost theirs.  Gaslight
square ist kaput!!

I was young and broke most of the time in that era with a young family. I
was in college part of that time.  I played music and had little time to go
listen to it in those years.

Singleton Palmer performed at the great jazz festivals that were held on the
riverfront but they didn't last long either although they were well attended
as I recall..  The jazz festival moved to St. Charles and sort of fizzled.
I saw him one time and on TV a couple of times.

There is nothing comparable to Gaslite square today.  Having said that St.
Louis is reviving the Washington Street area and that looks pretty
impressive (lots of clubs) but they don't feature OKOM nor does the
Laclede's landing area.  There are some jazz clubs there but since I'm not a
bar hopper I really don't know what's there at any given time.
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> Larry (c: DJML)--
>      It suddenly and belatedly occurred to me that (duh) you live in
> St. Louis (you have to lean my nose against a cold fact to get the
> brain in gear).
>      Did you ever hear or see Singleton Palmer and/or his band live?
> Didn't he play in St. Louis for years in Gaslight Square?  He was a
> hell of a good tuba-player, and i collect his recordings.  Clark
> Terry once said Palmer had the best dixieland band in America.  Ever
> have any contact with him?
>      Dan
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> >You know I don't think it's the band or the place but it's the
> >of the audience.  When we go to New Orleans we expect to have a good time
> >and we are somewhere else.  In other words not at home in view of our
> >neighbors, friends and as a result people have a good time.
> >Here in St. Louis that rarely happens except on several occasions.
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