[Dixielandjazz] Concert Grand Available

Edmetzsr at aol.com Edmetzsr at aol.com
Thu Dec 2 14:14:45 PST 2004

Dear Listmates, 
    I've recently placed my home in NJ on the market,  and soon, I suspect, 
will be moving across the border to the mountains of  Pennsylvania. Try as I 
might, my 7.5 foot Bosendorfer Concert Grand just won't  fit into my new digs. 
It's been with me for 23 years (built in 1981), and I  really hate to give it 
up. However, it's time to downsize. 
    My question to all of you is: Is anyone interested?  This is truly a 
marvelous instrument. Before I took ownership, it was  used in two concert tours, 
one by Victor Borge and the other by Marvin  Hamlisch, during the brief time 
when the Bosendorfer Company of Austria was  owned by Jasper Wood Products of 
Indiana. It's been tuned no less than 4 times a  year and is in pristine 
condition. Please get back to me privately if you have  an interest or if you know 
anyone who might.
    I apologize for using our forum for this purpose,  but I really thought 
that someone among you might like to know of this highly  unusual 
once-in-a-great-while situation.
    Thanks for listening,  Ed Metz

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