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> Astaire may or may not have been a jazz singer depending on your ears, but
> his time, as I hear it, was surely better than many who say they are jazz
> singers. And he knew how to sell a song.
> He also made a recording circa 1940 with Benny Goodman's group which then
> included Charlie Christian and Lionel Hampton.

Or perhaps seeing all the competition from so many great musicians of that 
era he found he could Dance better than anybody else and "Sold Out" for Fame and 
Success and Money. :))    Not to mention that the Girls always fall in love 
with the Guys who can or will at least Try to Dance with them.

On a personal note, When I hear or see Fred's name It conjures up visions of 
the Lawrence Welk Show and a one and a two and a let's all Polka now.  It also 
brings to mind all those successful Broadway Musicals that I am also not 
personally fond of, just not MKOM.  But then again I don't find Disneyland 
entertaining either.

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The Fundamental things


Tom "Twinkle Toes" Wiggins

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