[Dixielandjazz] Question for blues singers in the group

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> Have any of you actually drunk muddy water and/or slept in a hollowed-out 
> log?

Sure we have;  every Blues singer in New Orleans drinks Muddy Water, there is 
no other kind in New Orleans, even the bottled water will get muddy if you 
agitate or shake the bottle.  Ain't you never seen the Mighty Mississippi River 
or Lake Pontchartrain they have of the prettiest Brown Muddy water in the 

Now I don't recall sleeping in a hollow log, but I have floated down a ricer 
or two in one made into a canoe by my ancestors. :))   I have drank Muddy 
Water and woke up this mornin' to tell about it.

I do however prefer muddy whisky which is environmentally better for your 
health and state of mind, been known to make you forget you have the Blues, and 
also been known to give you the Blues.  Danged ifin' ya do and danged ifin' ya 

I believe I will Do.  Good Lawdamighty it's pert near Happy Hour agin, seems 
it comes around every hour on the hour these days and the more hours that go 
by the Happier and Happier I git.  Gotta keep chasin' them Blues Away from my 
door.  Time to start training for the Holiday Season and all them folks 
droppin' by with a bit of Cheer.


Tom (Blues & Booze in the Night) Wiggins

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