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Band Leader List Mates

Parks & Recreation departments of townships, boroughs, towns, cities and
counties are a very viable source for summertime gigs. In our area, usually
Sunday Afternoons and/or weeknight evenings. The jazz oblivious audience
from 5 to 100 years old just loves good music. We do a bunch every year
which have been a great source of local fan and follower development,
expanding our audience greatly besides paying well.

The time is NOW, to contact them for their 2005 needs. And if you've done
them before, and/or have an active Association to which they belong, you
might get lucky and have a chance to meet a bunch of them at one sitting.

Did I send in my $50 for the chance to do so at a F2F? You can bet the farm
I did. (See below letter for details) I've already prepared 100, 4 page
handouts for them. My guesstimate is that it will provide 20 gigs.

Steve (YCDBSOYA) Barbone

Barbone Street Jazz Band
124 Lower Hopewell Road
Oxford, PA 19363

Dear Mr. Barbone:

    The Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society (PRPS) is once again
offering a "Mini Expo" featuring recreation providers. The event is being
held on Friday, Dec 10 at Plymouth Township Community Center, 9:30 AM till
Noon. We have invited the entire PRPS District III Membership (over 500 park
and recreation professionals) to attend. We expect over 100 professionals
representing townships, and municipalities to attend.

    This offering is a direct result of member requests for such a program.
They seek an opportunity to meet with private recreation providers in order
to obtain program and contact information. Table space is provided for each

    We are charging each vendor $50.00 to participate. If interested, please
complete the form at the bottom (for a directory to be distributed to each
attendee) and return your payment by Friday, December 3. Should you have any
questions, please contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx, ext. xxxx.

Director Parks & Recreation

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