[Dixielandjazz] Sacramento Jazz Jubilee Meets "The Terminator"

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Wed Apr 28 22:58:50 PDT 2004

Subject: Re: Sacramento Jazz Jubilee Meets "The Terminator"

> Alan,  isn't it a bit of stretch to blame Arnold for the problems of the
> Sacramento Festival.  I suspect the situation has been brewing for some
> years and  nothing was done about it or it was not readily apparent there
> were storm clouds on the horizon.  Frequently the most well-meaning of
> institutions foul up matters, e.g. the Red Cross and the most egregious,
> United Way.  I doubt if Gray Davis was at fault during his tenure so let's
> all leave "The Terminator" out of the equation.  And if you want federal
> funding for the arts then you have to expect the bureaucrats to tell you
> what to play.  Anything the government gets involved with becomes a
> committee matter and we know where that leads.
> Best,
> Bill
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> > As a non-drinking musician, I was not that upset by the removal of the
> drink
> > tickets.
> > I rarely used them except to occasionally purchase some food. Since I
> > the Jubilee as an all-star, I really have no problem with this. However,
> can
> > see Tom Wiggins point and also the point of "Mr. Wonderful." I'm not
> surprised
> > that the Sacramento Jazz club is having financial problems. It seems to
> the
> > way our entire country is going these days. California especially, and
> with
> > the bizarre recall election, and the election of "The Terminator " as
> governor
> > I don't see many of those problems going away.
> > I play at many jazz festivals and parties across the country every year,
> and,
> > believe me, Sacramento is not the only festival feeling the crunch of
> > lousy economy.
> > One must ask that perhaps if we weren't spending billions of dollars on
> war
> > that we should not have fought in the first place maybe there would be
> more
> > federal money to support the arts, including major jazz festivals like
> > Sacramento. Instead we throw away billions of dollars, every week while
> several of our
> > brave young men and women die in a country where the majority of the
> people
> > don't want us to be there anyway. This makes no sense.
> > Sorry didn't mean to digress, however I might offer a small suggestion
> the
> > problem. Perhaps the festival could reintroduce the one drink per
> musician,
> > per venue, policy that was taken away a few years ago. However, instead
> the
> > festival paying for these drinks they should be provided by the venues
> > themselves. Since they are getting free music, sell out crowds and, and
> huge profits
> > on drink and food sales it seems this is the least they can do.
> > Anyway, it's something to think about. Sorry about the political remarks
> but
> > all this stuff makes me mad.
> > Allan Vache'
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