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> >Dropping the drink tickets for musicians?  
> Does that include no drinks at the "Musicians Hat Rack" as well?

Well, I have alerted all the liquor stores in Sacramento to order heavy on 
the 1/2 pints and they are also predicting a new rush on Flask sales during the 
festival as well.

No doubt another executive decision by management that might possibly 
backfire, You can, not pay a musician, or cut his pay, but you mess with his access 
to a reasonable amount of free alcohol and you immediately get bad attitudes, 
shitty music and a lot more drunk musos slugging from the flasks in the 
instrument cases.

I will also wager that the local liquor stores and bars and grocery stores 
will see a substantial increase in alcoholic beverage sales as the musicians 
protest and boycott the festival concession stands.

The idea that you can cut the budget by once again cutting back on the very 
people that are the backbone and lifeblood of the damned event already working 
for cheap wages shows why so many festivals are indeed in trouble.  People who 
are paying to come and hear the music and see the musicians are not paying 
for the brilliant decisions of the management of the events folks.  It is too 
bad that the realms of OKOM music have let themselves self destruct for so many 
years in this manner by killing and eating the Golden Goose that brings in all 
the Gold.

When miss management cause the stuff to hit the Fan it is always the Musician 
they call upon to perform for low or no pay to help bail their butts out of 
the mess they created and the musicians always roll over and do it with the 
belief that they will bail them out this year and they will all get more money 
next year.  Yeah Right in your dreams.
Entertainingly : )

Tom Wiggins

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