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> Dropping the drink tickets for musicians?  That's about half of the
> operating budget right there, isn't it?
> All the best,
> Rob McCallum

Nope.  more like 1/2 the musicians salary.   And if the musicians roll over 
and take it then they will also probably spend all the money they make for 
playing the festival at the bar thereby decreasing the musicians expenditure line 
by 100% in creative accounting principals.

Well it sounded like a good idea at the Board meeting.  What happened?  Kinda 
like Washington budgeting.   Let's see now we cut off the free booze to the 
musicians who are gonna drink anyway, and the volunteers and we suddenly have 
made up the entire previous years deficit.

One more little problem in this theory however is that they also cut back on 
musicians and bands, whoops less booze sales, better recalculate.

Next thing you know they won't give the cops any free booze either, and Capt. 
Flanagan is gonna be pretty upset when he hears that and who knows what rath 
Sgt. O' Callahan might bestow upon the crowds enforcing the slightest 
infringement on the Law.

Ah yes the art of running a festival, by committee .

Cheers and Jeers, in equal amounts.

It is gonna be Hell to pay for undoing a policy that should never have been 
instigated in the first place.    For the musicians or the volunteers.  Pay 
folks for what they do and make them accountable.   Give a musician free drinks 
and he or she will drink all they can get and justify it by saying they don't 
get paid enough.   Same thing applies to volunteers, but then they get drunk 
and give away free booze to all their friends and anybody else they know or want 
to know like the musicians.

Bottom line, the Musicians and volunteers get a great big free party and hope 
the patrons spend enough money to cover the costs.

But then again nobody asked me for my opinion,  :))

I am setting up my on F2F this year at Habib's liquor and 7-11 parking lot, 
Jam session on going throughout the festival.  There will also be a shish- 
ka- bob concession operating over next to the dumpster.

Entertainingly of course.

Tom Wiggins

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