[Dixielandjazz] Re: HELP lyrics Bill Haesler?!

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Thu Apr 22 17:43:08 PDT 2004

Dear Tito,
As you correctly assumed, I have that Hot 'N' Sweet CD.
"The Skunk" by Buddy Christian's Jazz Rippers (and its session mate "South
Rampart Street Blues") is also on Timeless CBC 1-30 'Big Charlie Thomas'.
I have also had in on a 10" LP since the late 1950s and on a 12" Herwin LP
from about the 1960s.
The personnel has always been a mystery and the various listings fail to
I favour Charlie Thomas, c; Charlie Irvis, tb;  2 unknown reeds (one of
which may be Bob Fuller, cl); Mike Jackson, p; Buddy Christian, bj; Clarence
Williams, vcl on "The Skunk". (Based on listening to the session mate and
the accompanying sides by singer Margaret Carter.)
It is a 16 bar tune in 2 strains, the second of which reminds me of
"Endurance Stomp".
Composer credit is (Christian-Williams). Copyright: 5 Aug 1926 Narcisse
Joseph Christian and Clarence Williams.
This is what I hear:
Stompity Skonk
Ooo de le
Stompity Skonk 
Stomp de le
Stompity Skonk
Eh eh eh
Boy, you better let
That ole drum beat.

Stompity Skonk
Ha ha ha
Stompity Skonk
Ho ho ho
Stompity Skonk
Struggle 'n' hump
Ain't nuthin' 
But the stomp.

What I hear as "Stompity Skonk" could also be "Stomp-a-de skonk".
Another of those mid 1920s tunes introducing yet another 'new' dance craze.
Very kind regards,
PS: If you haven't already investigated John RT Davies' theory about the
mysterious 'Big Charlie Thomas' check out the Timeless CD mentioned above.
On this John has isolated most, if not all, of the suspected work by this
exciting Louis-like cornet player from Nov 1925 to Jan 1927.
He is as hot as hell!
Definitely MKOM.


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