[Dixielandjazz] French Quarter Festival

Thompson rebecca.e.thompson at verizon.net
Wed Apr 21 22:18:45 PDT 2004

First of all the weather was GREAT in New Orleans during the French Quarter
Festival.  There was a cool breeze blowing at all times and when the sun
went down, it was a little chilly.

I don't think there is anything on earth that compares with the aroma of
Bourbon Street!!!  Somehow I am never prepared for it!  BUT in spite of it,
we really enjoyed the music that was created during the festival ON BOURBON


Watching the Friday morning parade and seeing Listmate Brian Towers marching
with the Magnolia Band.

Connie Jones and his All Stars with Bob Havens and Hal Smith

Jack Maheu and Fire In The Pet Shop Callithumpian Jazz Band.  (And Jack
singing the song he wrote named, "There's Something in the Water", about New

Banu Gibson and her New Orleans Hot Jazz  with Mike Wiscovitch (?spelling),
the kid formerly with Jim Cullum Jazz Band on drums.  He is very talented to
be so young.

Evan Christopher for two sets

The Battle of the Bands.  Bob French and his Original Tuxedo Jazz Band and
Ryan Burrage and the Rhythmakers tied for first place.  Ryan is relatively
new to the New Orleans scene, but really making a name for himself playing
clarinet and leading a band at Fritizel's regularly.  Chuck Brackman (Sweet
Kathleen's son) was on trumpet.
We have listened to Bob French for years over the internet at www.wwoz.com.
His father played with Papa Celestin.

Storyville Stompers, a "traditional" brass band.

Got to meet DJMLers Karl Wetlaufer, Brian Towers, Sandy and Don Gumpert and
visit with Pat Cooke as well as other New Orlean friends.

I met several other people while looking for the DJMLers, so there may be
new folks joining us soon because I directed them all to find DJML on the

One quick suggestion that was reinforced this year......  ALWAYS find
somewhere else to eat away from Bourbon Street.  We ate at the Quarter Scene
again and was not disappointed in the food, service or price.  Just sorry
not to get to the Star Restaurant this year.

Biggest disappointment:

Duke Heitger was out of town
time went by too fast.

Rebecca Thompson
Flower Mound, TX

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