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Although the logic of "simple & elegant " vs "arranged and ornamented"
makes sense as to why the good Dr. is seeking a specific version,.
Your response below conflicts with your previous response
in that your post below refers to the Dec version as
"the NEXT version" (skipping the Nov one in question.)
Your previous note mentioned the Nov 21 recording, but this one doesn't
I'd be interested to know if the Nov 21 version is another
intermediate transition in the piece.

It is the Nov 21 recording that Kay is seeking for Dr. Schuller.
I HAVE seen that one listed in a Discography or 2, but haven't
seen an mp3 or realaudio  recording of it on the web even at
redhotjazz.com where Scott Alexander usually lists the recording
even if he doesn't have it to make a clip. Though the
other 3 in question 10/17, 10/30 and 12/10 ARE on redhotjazz.com
under 3 different Ellington configurations - The Jungle Band, The Harlem
Footwarmers and the Cotton Club Orchestra, respectively
What band name is associated with the Nov 21 recording?
One of the above, or yet another Ellington band pseudonym?
Even from your posts, I have yet to see why the Nov 21 version is
"the only good one" according the Schuller, though I don't now really
know his criteria nor objective.
Unfortunately, most of the record playlists I've seen at many of the sites
list only the tune titles (if you're lucky) and not the take, matrix or even
date/rec.company. of the original. (As an aside, I'm amazed at folks
who list a record for sale but don't even list the tune titles, but there
many examples.)

Another confusion I came up with is that all of the  3 examples above, list
Duke Ellington/Barney Bigard/Irving Mills,
Barney Bigard/Duke Ellington/Irving Mills
 and then Barney Bigard/Duke Ellington/Irving Mills, respectively.
I thought Mills only added the lyrics AFTER at least the first recording.
Although I am reading from Scott's notes on redhotjazz and not the record

To further confuse the issue, a number of other people who recorded it
(at least as listed on the web) such as Perry Como, credit Mitchell
Parrish with the Lyrics, not Irving Mills.

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| > This is why Gunter Schuller wants the 1930 Ellington recording of Mood
| Indigo............ The first two recorded in October are spare and
| simple. For the next version, recorded in December 1930, Ellington adds an
| orchestral accompaniment that showcases the poignant solo of trumpeter
| Whetsol and the gentle flowing sound of clarinetist Bigard. (Who co
composed the
| tune).<
| Thanks Steve,
| I agree. That certainly sounds like a good enough reason.
| However, I wonder why Prof. Schuller doesn't have his own copy.
| It has been in my collection since I can't remember. From the days when
| everything was on 78s.
| Anyone who loves OKOM should have it as a matter of course.
| Very kind regards,
| Bill.
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