[Dixielandjazz] Heinz Junghans' piano player

Gerard Bielderman gerardbielderman at freeler.nl
Thu Apr 15 17:09:48 PDT 2004

I know of only one record by the Heinz Junghans Jazzmen from Hamburg, made
in 1982. The pianist then was THOMAS STRECKEBACH. This man has been a member
(till 2002) of another Hamburg band: Abbi Hübner's Low Down Wizards but here
Thomas played banjo and guitar.
You might find more details by visting this website:

Gerard Bielderman

Ed Danielson wrote on April 13:
I've been wondering for 32 years about a piano player I heard in Hamburg,
playing with Heinz Junghans' Jazzmen at a place called the Cotton Club.  I
understand that the club is still there, and that Junghans is still playing.
Gerard Bielderman's identification of the Feetwarmer personnel mystery leads
me to believe he may know who this guy was and if he's still playing.  I
believe his first name was Manfred.  He played like Leon Russell imitating
Earl "Fatha" Hines... an incredible player!  The band was good, but this guy
was a monster!  Any information would be appreciated.

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