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Trummy Young told me shortly before he died that Duke didn't write Mood
Indigo, it was written by Barney Bigard while he played with Duke...another
case of a "stolen" tune?
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> Dear Kay,
> I have that version of Duke Ellington's "Mood Indigo". Unfortunately there
> is no way to get it to you by 22 April, as I live in Sydney, Australia and
> do not have the facilities (or know-how) to send it via MP3 or similar.
> As you indicate, it was recorded for Victor on 21 Nov 1930 (master no.
> takes -1 & -2). Take -1 was allegedly issued on Vic. 20-1532 in the mid
> 1940s. This now appears to be extremely doubtful, as no one has yet come
> with a copy, not even Victor, to my knowledge.
> It was remade on 10 Dec 1930 (master no. 64811 takes -3 & -4). Take -4 was
> issued on Vic. 22586. This is the 'common' Victor version used for all
> 78, LP and CD reissues.
> Notwithstanding some claims, I do not believe that takes -1, -2 & -3 have
> ever been found.
> The version Professor Schuller wants to use was/is available on CD in the
> US. Bluebird 6852-2-RB and Classics 605.
> It was also on the non-rare LP Victor LPM 3226 and the French 'Black and
> White' and 'Indispensible' LP series.
> Some DJMLer, closer to you, must have it in their collection. It is not
> rare.
> I would be interested to know why Professor Schuller has specified this
> particular version, given that the tune (originally known as "Dreamy
> was recorded for Brunswick and Columbia in October 1930, just prior to the
> Victor, and (as we know) many times since.
> Very kind regards,
> Bill.
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