[Dixielandjazz] Re: early Ellington recording.......

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Thu Apr 15 16:04:35 PDT 2004

Dear Kay,
I have that version of Duke Ellington's "Mood Indigo". Unfortunately there
is no way to get it to you by 22 April, as I live in Sydney, Australia and
do not have the facilities (or know-how) to send it via MP3 or similar.
As you indicate, it was recorded for Victor on 21 Nov 1930 (master no. 64811
takes -1 & -2). Take -1 was allegedly issued on Vic. 20-1532 in the mid
1940s. This now appears to be extremely doubtful, as no one has yet come up
with a copy, not even Victor, to my knowledge.
It was remade on 10 Dec 1930 (master no. 64811 takes -3 & -4). Take -4 was
issued on Vic. 22586. This is the 'common' Victor version used for all other
78, LP and CD reissues.
Notwithstanding some claims, I do not believe that takes -1, -2 & -3 have
ever been found.
The version Professor Schuller wants to use was/is available on CD in the
US. Bluebird 6852-2-RB and Classics 605.
It was also on the non-rare LP Victor LPM 3226 and the French 'Black and
White' and 'Indispensible' LP series.
Some DJMLer, closer to you, must have it in their collection. It is not
I would be interested to know why Professor Schuller has specified this
particular version, given that the tune (originally known as "Dreamy Eyes")
was recorded for Brunswick and Columbia in October 1930, just prior to the
Victor, and (as we know) many times since.
Very kind regards,


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