[Dixielandjazz] Some comments from my Mom

david richoux tubaman at batnet.com
Wed Apr 14 14:09:25 PDT 2004

Hi all,

Over the past several years I have been sending a few of the funnier 
things from this list to my Mom - she was a reed player in some 
lesser-known Nebraska "Big Bands," a longtime arranger and performer 
with Sweet Adelines in the Phoenix area, and she also wrote several 
books including a novel "The Stardust Kid" in the 1970s (now out of 
print, but available used.)

here is her review of some recent forwards (she really liked the Noah 
and 23rd Job ones):

>  I wish my e-mail would deliver such wonderful examples of musician 
> humor as yours does.  (Or maybe you just forward the best ones?)  I'm 
> also amazed that there are so many literate musicians out there who 
> have the time to invent the cool parodies.  Maybe it's just a few who 
> come up with a lot of good stuff, but you seem to get the cream of the 
> crop.
>   Hmmmm. Maybe these literary chaps are really not the best musicians, 
> so they have more free time to polish up their witty parodies.  In any 
> case, I appreciate clever wordplay...

anyway, thanks to all for keeping the good stuff coming!
Dave Richoux

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