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Craig Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Wed Apr 14 15:44:26 PDT 2004

(Shameless promotional blurb for some friends)

It has been my privilege to play with 3 really fine banjo players in
my lifetime. At RPI in Troy NY  in the 50's as a member of  Geroge
Goedecke's "Rensselaer Saints" I had the pleasure of
the presence of the well known Carl Lundsford (who taught me a lot
including "Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me.") When Carl
left town, we had the great good fortune of having Ken Keeler arrive
as a Freshman who found in his mailbox upon arrival for Freshman week
a note saying "Ken, New Band - rehearsal tonight - "The Shanty Town 6".

Later- starting in the 80's and during much of my 20 years in VT, I had
the pleasure of having a youngster name Jamie Masefield ( a 19 or 20- yr old
undergrad at U of VT)  show up to join our (geritol-age)  jazzband "The
River Jass Band" and provide some youthful vitality. What a great asset!
He knew all the old tunes and had a perfect 1920's-30's banjo style and
played fine guitar as well..

He has also played some gigs with some of the members of  "Phish" -
and, last year participated in  gig at the Blue Note in NYC
in a concert  called "Django".

Jamie and some of the ORJB + Mark Lamphere - originally of the
"Salt City 6" ,  by the way  entertained at each of the weddings of
the lead guitarists of "Phish" and that of one of their brothers playing
trad jazz of all things.)
That group was known as the "VT All-Stars", but we'd actually thought
of renaming it "Phish's Phavorite Old Pharts."

Jamie left ORJB during the 90's to start his own group "The Jazz Mandolin
Project". He had been heavily influenced by Bela Fleck (whose music he
me to, much to my pleasure.) and wanted to start something of his own.
Jamie's "Jazz Mandolin Project" (JMP) (originally a trio bs., drums, mand.)
by playing jazz based upon  Argentinian tangos, but I'm sure has evolved
(Unfortunately, I've not been near his tour venues lately.).
This group is well worth listening to. The guy is a real mandolin virtuoso!
and has a fine sense of jazz.
As it is not OKOM (though it is MyKOM) you may wish to
preview him at http://www.jazzmandolinproject.com

 I've copied their latest tour blurb into the rest of this note for those
might venture to hear him. As I said, it is well worth your time.
Please note, especially,   their appearances  in New Orleans at the Jazz
Fest and
at the Beale St. Music Festival in Memphis
Craig Johnson
Cornet - Fore River Jazz Band - Southern Maine

------------------ Cut along dotted
line -----------------------------------------
JMP is busy preparing new material for an exciting April tour which
will begin on Wed April 21 with a 2 night stint at the legendary jazz
club, Ryles, in Boston. Highlights will also include joining Bela
Fleck and the Flecktones for a blowout at Middlebury College in VT, a
NYC hit at BB Kings, performing at the famous Beale St. Music Festival in
Memphis and a late night play at the one and only New Orleans Jazz Fest. The
lineup will be Danton Boller on upright bass, Greg Gonzalez on drums, Mike
"Mad Dog" Mavridoglou on trumpet and keys and of course Jamie Masefield on
mandolins. Contact us at jazzmandolin at adelphia.net!

The Jazz Mandolin Project's Spring Tour Dates:

Wednesday, April 21 & Thursday, April 22 - Boston, MA - Ryles Music Hall -
Venue Phone: (617) 876-9330 http://www.rylesjazz.com/month.cfm

Friday, April 23 - Troy, NY - Revolution Hall - VENUE PHONE: 518.273.BEER

Saturday, April 24 - Middlebury, VT - Middlebury College w/Bela Fleck and
the Flecktones - http://www.prettypolly.com

Sunday, April 25 - New York City, NY - B.B. Kings Blues Club - Venue Phone:
212-997-4144 http://www.bbkingsblues.com

Monday, April 26 - Trenton, NJ - The Conduit - VENUE PHONE: 609.656.1199

Wednesday, April 28th - State College, PA - Crow Bar - VENUE PHONE:
814.237.0426 http://www.crowbarlivemusic.com

Thursday, April 29th - Covington, KY - Jack Quinn's - VENUE PHONE:
859.491.6699 http://www.jackquinns.musictoday.com

Friday, April 30th - Memphis, TN - New Daisy Theatre - VENUE PHONE:
859-491-6699 http://www.newdaisy.com

Saturday, May 1st - New Orleans, LA - The Core/State Palace Theatre - VENUE
PHONE: 504.522.4435 http://www.statepalace.com

JMP is playing the 3rd Annual Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, TN, on the
weekend of
June 11-13! Check their website at http://www.bonnaroo.com
 for more details on exact times and stage locations.

Always call before you haul! Check the Jazz Mandolin Project official
website at http://www.jazzmandolinproject.com

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