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> I've been wondering for 32 years about a piano player I heard in Hamburg, 
> playing with Heinz Junghans' Jazzmen at a place called the Cotton Club.  I 
> understand that the club is still there, and that Junghans is still playing. 
>  Gerard Bielderman's identification of the Feetwarmer personnel mystery 
> leads me to believe he may know who this guy was and if he's still playing.  
> I believe his first name was Manfred.  He played like Leon Russell imitating 
> Earl "Fatha" Hines... an incredible player!  The band was good, but this guy 
> was a monster!  Any information would be appreciated.

I don't know about Heinz current activities, but I have heard about him over 
there for several years and may have played on a Festival that he was on a few 
years back;

Here is another great Pianist that I am booking Internationally, that was an 
Earl Fatha Hines protegee' and Earl wanted to manage him but became ill and 
passed away .

G.F. Mlely  currently living in Hawaii.

check him out, at 


I think you will like him as did John Farrell.  He is indeed a marvelous 
player, and his story is fascinating as well, a career interupted and renewed.  I 
expect some great things for him this year, concert wise.


Tom Wiggins

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