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Tue Apr 13 13:28:09 PDT 2004

Nice and informative article Charlie:

Thanks for posting it:

As for dealing with Stations who won't announce the Artist before and or 
after playing a cut or even a CD.  I have found a way to make some inroads to 
making them do so, some of you might want to try it in your neighborhoods.

Carefully listen tot he station in question for a few days and write down All 
of their Advertisers names and products.

Then start calling the program director oro General manager of the station 
and leave messages that You the Advertiser is upset about this proceedure and if 
they don't change it immediately you are gong to instruct your Advertising 
manager to switch to another Station and pull your adds off their Station.

You can also start writing letters to them telling them that you  are with 
the advertising department of a prominent record company of the artists that 
they do play, and would like to advertise on their station, but you won't as long 
as they continue this practice, as it will not help you sell any recordings 
of your artists.   Llittel White Lies don't hurt if they get the wrong righted. 
  You will feel better about it anyway and get it off your chest.

Don't get into a long and heated argument with them, just leave the mesage 
rapidly and hang up, get a few friends to call and pretend to be other 
advertisers and and do the same thing.  Changes will come about I assure you, unless 
they are Brain Dead, which unfortunately some of them are.

Hit em in the Pocket Book that is the only thing they respect.

Same thing applies when you need to speak to a Politician:

Utter those Five most important words to them to start your conversation if 
you want them to listen:

"I AM A REGISTERED VOTER"   works everytime all Parties.


Tom Wiggins

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