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For a listen to a truly great pianist, though in a purely tongue in cheek
humor trip, I nominate my dad's recording ofr Moe Zart's Turkey Trot. This
is a send up on Mozart's Rondo ala Turk, and is played by Frank Lietner, who
was also on many of the early Spike Jones sides. It features superb
pianistics backed by banjos, guitars and other hillbilly instrumentation,
and was a burlesque of a very serious piano solo work. This side is one of
28 Red Ingle Capital sides released several years ago by Bear Family
I make the disclaimer that the Ingle family, what's left of us .. me ...,
makes no royalty on this. But I take my pleasure in listening to it and
admiring this top flight studio/jazz piano picker, Frank Lietner.
Don Ingle
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> John:
> Have you thought about the "as played by" route? When I was a kid, my most
> cherished 78 rpm was Padereswki's Minuet in G as played by himself. I
> learned the Rachmaninoff Prelude in C# Minor from a teacher who claimed to
> heard the great one actually perform it. You get the idea. There's no end
to the
> possibilities. Go into ragtime and do the Maple Leaf AS SCOTT JOPLIN WOULD
> HAVE PLAYED IT. It doesn't matter that there are actual old rolls of him
> it. They were made much later. Do it as he would have in the beginning.
You get
> the idea. Would love to hear what you do in this vein.
> All the best
> Dan (piano fingers) Spink
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