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> Just heard that last weekend's one day OKOM festival in Modesto had
> about 70 paying attendees. And there were 7, count em, 7 bands. One was
> 10th Avenue Jazz Band, the sponsoring group. Ed Zimbrick must have lost
> a pot full of money on it. Bob Roman's Cell Block Seven was also there,
> I believe so the music was not too shabby.

What Modesto Jazz Festival?

I live 80 miles from there and know several of the musicians who played it, 
as well as Margaret of the Modesto Jazz Society, I have two sides of my family 
living in the Modesto/Oakdale community that would have loved to go to it had 
they known about it.

I would have also driven down there to support it if I had known it was 
happening, and could have brought about half as many paid attendees with me as they 
apparently got to turn out.

Perhaps the promotion and publicity did not get out, which is what turns 
these SO CALLED FESTIVALS into smaller and smaller Private parties.

Since I am an active member on this list I would think that the musicians and 
or organizers would have at least posted the information on this list for 
those of us in N. California to have seen so we could attend.

Having Elvis Presley play at your festival will not draw you any people 
unless you advertise and promote it folks.


Tom Wiggins

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