[Dixielandjazz] Re: List delay - Was:Ray Noble + Al Bowlly

Beth Villanyi bethv at portafortuna.com
Wed Apr 7 13:39:11 PDT 2004

Hi Steve,

I, too, seem to be the victim of the list police. My posts always come in
spurts and 3-7 days AFTER I send them. Almost makes it seem useless to
comment sometimes.

Someone suggested it was due to the nature of e-mail on the internet but I
have my doubts. All my other e-mails are received and responded to within
hours. These are the only holdups. Another mystery.

... On another topic - the Biederbecks of Bix in San Francisco ARE related
to Bix's family. That was confirmed by someone who met them at a Bix
festival several years back.


> Steve Barbone wrote:
> About the posts. I am not sure why, but they do not make the list when I
> post them. Maybe they were held up by unnamed list police in Bob
> absence? The note about jazz in Charlestown S.C. was send on April 4. Very
> confusing. We'll see how this one goes.

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