[Dixielandjazz] The Ultimate Jazz Cruise

Nancy Giffin nancyink at ulink.net
Wed Apr 7 01:23:31 PDT 2004

From: "Bret E. Bradford" <bbradford at cruisecafe.com>
"... Not only will you experience daily performances, but you are also
invited to participate in the afternoon jazz forums...

"... Take a look at these great entertainers that will be joining us!
  a.. The Jim Cullum Jazz Band
  b.. Bill Allred's Classic Jazz Band
  c.. Ed Polcer's 52nd St All-Stars
Ed will be featuring quite a line up with him:
  a.. Allan Vache - Clarinet
  b.. Mark Shane - Piano
  c.. Joe Ascione - Drums
  d.. John Cocuzzi - Vibes
  e.. Phil Flanigan - Bass
  f.. Special Guest Terry Blaine - Vocals ..."

Hi Bret,

What will the "jazz forums" be like? Please provide more info; thanks.
Also, I know that it appears that Polcer's group has no trombone,
but that's not so. John Allred gave me the impression that he will be
playing with his dad's band AND with Ed's All-Stars as well.
Perhaps you have more details on that, too.
I wish you success with the cruise -- sounds like a great time!

Love and hugs,

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