[Dixielandjazz] Who Walks in When I Walk Out

Don jdrobertson at att.net
Tue Apr 6 13:44:15 PDT 2004

Who Walks in When I Walk Out  was also done by the Firehouse Five plus 
Two, in their typical raucous style.  It was one of the first tunes I 
heard by them.  It was part of their first "album" (a box of 45's).  
They really turned me on to OKOM  when I was in Jr. High.

I have also just acquired a CD of Abe Lyman's orchestra.  When I was 
barely old enough to run the record player, I found a 78 by Abe Lyman 
among my parents collection.  I think it was 12th Street Rag and maybe 
St Louis Blues on the flip side.  The CD contains recordings from 1923 
to '32.  This band was apparently big in the Los Angeles area where I 
grew up. By the time I joined the family, my parents had apparently lost 
interest in dance music and never talked about the bands.  The Lyman 
band swings pretty good, but there is quite a bit of "corny" trombone 
work.  They play a tune called Weary Weazel which is obviously stolen 
from Tiger Rag.

Don Robertson
Napa, CA

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