[Dixielandjazz] Pensacola Notes; mini DJML meeting here

Norman Vickers nvickers1 at cox.net
Mon Apr 5 20:52:25 PDT 2004

We just completed a successful Pensacola JazzFest ( #21.)
Carl Sonny Leyland, featured as the cover article in the April Issue of
Mississippi Rag, was a performer with his trio-- bassist Marty Eggart and
drummer Hal Smith.  One set, New Orleans clarinetist (age 33) Evan
Christopher was the featured soloist with Leyland's trio.  On the other set,
Evan was soloist with  Cornetist Don Gumpert's Dixieland Saints.

Also featured in the Mississippi Rag is New Orleans Bassist Pat Cooke.  Pat
is a regular with Gumpert's group. Pat as most of you know, is a regular
correspondent on DJML as well as a writer for MS. Rag.

Dan Augustine, of Austin, TX, was a visitor to Pensacola JazzFest, so there
was  a mini-convention of DJML-ers here. Gump, Pat Cooke, Augustine and

Gump's image was on the Pens. JazzFest poster this year.  To have a look,
see the website www.jazzpensacola.com

Other performers were New York pianist Russell Kassoff.  He had previously
toured with Frank Sinatra and Liza Minelli and plays jazz in NYC with
various folks including bassist Jay Leonhart and guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli.
He arranged the music and rehearsed and performed with our local bassist Tim
Jackson and drummer Charles Pagano. Nashville vocalist Kitt Lough brought
her quartet from Nashville.  NO Clarinetist Tim Laughlin played with his
pianist Tom McDermott.  Hal Smith also perofmed on drums with Laughlin.
Local violinist to Morley performed one set with Laughlin.  They'd toured
Europe and recorded together previously.  An added attraction was a
duo-guitar group-Tonic Strings--from Switzerland.  They'd attended the Jazz
Institute ( probably the Swiss equivalent of Berklee or N. Texas U)  and
performed together for 14 years.  They did gypsy jazz, a la Django, American
Standards and Latin jazz.

There'll be a busload of Pensacola folks for the Saturday April 17 New
Orleans French Quarter Jazz Festival.  Look for us!

Norman Vickers

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