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Burt Wilson futurecon at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 30 17:14:29 PDT 2003

Dear Listmates--

I am pleased to announce the publication of a new DVD of Rosy McHargue & Friends. To my knowledge, this is the only video every published of Rosy. it was recorded in Fall, 1991 at the Downstairs at The Daisy in West Hollywood. The band is the same as that on the Stomp Off CD "Oh How he can sing!"

Go to: http://www.paloriapress.com/rosy.htm for particulars. It is only $20 + $3 S&H and you can use your credit card to purchase it in a highly secure site. You will also find my address if you wish to pay by check.

This has been a labor of love for me. I use to sit in with Rosy countless times in Santa Monica when I lived there and I feel so lucky that I had my old Canon L1 along with me when I went to hear him this time. The tape has been gathering dust for 10 years and finally the digital video and audio programs have advanced to the point where I could get an extremely good picutre and great sound. There are many close ups of Rosy and you get the between tunes banter that really makes this a gem. Of course the last tune is "When Rosy Ricoola do da Hoola Moobla" which is how Rosy got his name.

At the end of the DVD you will find the address of Stomp Off Recoreds where you can get the CD--which is wonderful, by the way.


Burt Wilson
Silver Dollar Jazz Band

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