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Regarding film of the Watter band.  Below is an answer from Leon Oakley who
worked with Turk Murphy for several years.

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Hi Bob,

It is hard to believe that no film of the Watters Band exists, however I
know of none. I created a video of color still shots with music on a beach
combing trip at low tide lead by Lu at one of his favorite Bodega area
beaches. The key word is "STILL" photographs, and nothing is motion film.
Sorry....., but I will ask John Gill if he has heard rumors of any film.

Kind Regards,


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  Hi Leon,

  The subject has come up on DJML (Dixieland Jazz Mailing List), someone
  asking if there is any film of the Watters YBJB.  I'm sure there was no
  available that early but what about film.  Do you know anything about any


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