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If you recently subscribed to e-Pops (last few months or so),
this will bbe your first e-Pops. Welcome aboard! We hope you will
stay with us for a long time.

However, if you are a long-time subscriber to our electronic
newsletter, you may have wondered why you haven't received one in
quite a long time. Perhaps you even thought to yourself "maybe
nothing is happening at the Louis Armstrong House & Archives, so
there's nothing to write about."

Ha! Nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, what's
really happening is that we've been so busy lately, that it's
been hard to find the time to write about it. We apologize, and
hope we can make it up to you by telling you that...

***The Louis Armstrong House Opens October 15 as Museum***

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at 10am. You can read
more about it on


and we hope that you will be able to join us. You don't need an
invitation to attend, nor do you need to call to reserve a seat
(there won't be any). Just come!

But more important than coming to the ribbon-cutting ceremony is
visiting the museum. Since so many people are expected to attend
the ribbon-cutting, we will only be able to offer mini-tours on
that day. Starting the following day, October 16, 2003, the House
will be open for full guided tours. We hope that you come and
visit us at some point after our opening and that you bring
friends, parents, children, grand-children, school classes,
senior groups -- just about anyone and everyone will appreciate
"visiting" Louis Armstrong. (Our office is a little hectic right
now, so call us in November if you would like to schedule a group


We would like to point out that we are looking for volunteers.
Our next volunteer meeting will be on October 2, 2003, at 1pm. We
are also looking to hire some new staff members, both full-time
and part-time. Please visit


to read more about both our volunteer program as well as the job

END  job announcements.


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