[Dixielandjazz] More OKOM in Portland Oregon USA

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More info for Chris who is visiting Portland, OR.

See Below.

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> Bob,
> Meg was on it...that restaurant was Libby's.  Tuesday night is the night,
> think.  That's what all the people who like OKOM talk about.  Anyway, Meg
> it out very well.  I can't add anything to what she said, except that the
> at the Milwaukie Center only plays at lunch (like from 11:30 to 2:00).
> where I used to volunteer in the afternoons, but would dance to the band
> (John Munger).  The band might not play every day, but I know they do on
> Friday (the number to the Center is 503-653-8100 if memory serves).  If
> is a guy, I'll dance with him!  (Hell, even if he's a girl).
> Sandi
> PS:  Oh I lied.  I just remembered another venue (little known).  A band
> called the Pranksters practices at an Elks Lodge on SE 122nd on the third
> Wednesday of the month.  They're really good, and it's free (cuz they want
> practice for their real gigs!).  A couple who danceds on Fridays at the
> Milwaukie Center is in the know on this and other things.  His name is
> Jack...and I think his wife is Lorraine.  The Pranksters play a lot of
> too.  Anyhoo, hope I've got all the above accurate, but at least it's a
> for him/her (Chris).

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