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CD-June 2003
> Reviews by Marshall Vente and friends
> Judi K: It's Been a Long Long Time and
> I'm Nobody's Baby, with Jim Beebe's Chicago Jazz
> Judi K is a well-known Chicago vocalist who has associated herself with
> trad-jazz crowd. Here sound is clear as a bell, consistently in tune and
> very sweet. Most of all, she knows how to honestly deliver a tune. Her
> repertoire consists of the best-loved standards that have been performed
> countless bands throughout the world for the last half-century and more.
> Although not a jazz singer in terms of radical conception, new
> interpretation and scatting, Judi K phrases very well befitting the music
> and the musicians who accompany her.
> It's Been a Long Long Time, recorded 1993, features Judi with her All-Star
> Dixieland Band, quartet, trio, duo and acapella - a nice tour-de force
> fine variety. She is surrounded with some of the finest musicians from
> Chicago and elsewhere including: trumpeters Connie Jones and Stu Cox;
> trombonist Jim Beebe; clarinetist Charlie Hooks; tenor saxist Franz
> pianists Tom Hope and Paul Asaro; bassists Truck Parham and Jimmy Johnson;
> drummers Dave Kovnet, Greg Sergo and Bob Rummage; Les Muscutt on banjo;
> guitarist Dave Baney. The legendary Jethro Burns also joins in on "I Can
> Dream, Can't I?"
> I'm Nobody's Baby, recorded in 2000, includes trombonist Jim Beebe's
> Jazz group in full swing. This music oozes with charm and all-round good
> vibes, everything you expect from a tight working band. The horns (Beebe,
> with Jones on cornet and Eric Schneider on reeds) play the trad
> behind Judi and increase their harmonic vocabulary on their solos. This is
> especially true for Schneider and pianist Don Stille, who play both the
> trad-styles and then nearly touch be-bop in their solos. Rhythm section
> aces, bassist John Bany and drummer Bob Cousins are perfect accompanists
> throughout.
> Overall, Judi K, Beebe et. al. have given us two great recordings that
> document state-of the-art trad jazz, standards and swing with fine vocals,
> the cornerstone of Chicago jazz. - MV
> Available from
Jazzlogy Records
1206 Decatur Street
New Orleans, LA  70116

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