[Dixielandjazz] Re: Books on Jazz

Stephen Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 28 00:01:50 PDT 2003

> Tom Wiggins wrote (polite snip)

> Just change the title to something like:
> "Hot Times Every Night"
> "The Lurid and Lustful Lives of great Jazz Musicians"
> No holds barred, who did what with whom and where.
> Threaten to name names and Tell All,
> package it in a plain brown wrapper to be delivered discreetly.
> Put a glamorous 20-something honey scantily clad on the front cover looking
> like she is falling in love with a clarinet player, next month same book with
> Trombone player, etc.  I see a whole series here of Musician Groupie Romance
> novels 8).
> Then watch em fly off the bookshelves.
> As recently discussed on the list, Jazz has always been about sex and
> sexiness, real or imagined.

Not a bad idea. Heck, Fred Spencer wrote about Jazz Musicians and death, so why not a book Jazz Musicians and sex?

Xaviera Hollander in her book "The Happy Hooker" urged liberated housewives in the 1960s to go our and have affairs. One night
stands, etc. Where? With whom? Why at jazz Clubs and with jazz musicians, of course. Because jazz musos are sensitive,
experimental, uninhibited and going to, another town soon so there is no messy overlong parting.

And "J" in "The Sensuous Woman", a great primer for sex education similarly touted jazz musicians as great teachers. Far be it
from me to include all jazz musos in this generalization, but those of you who were active from the late 1950's through the
60's, those great years of women's liberation know exactly what I'm talking about.

Sadly, when Rock and Roll took over, Jimi Hendrix got all those women.

Yes, the main purpose of playing jazz is to get girls. ;-)

Unless you are a girl. I can't speak for them. How about it Ladies?

Barbone Street is Grand Opening a brand new Jazz Club in Reading PA on October 10. I wonder if . . .????  Probably so, except
that the girls we can get will be our ages now, (average band member age 70) which ain't all bad either. ;-)

Actually, most of the audience will be young, and they see us as harmless flirts, which ain't all bad either. ;-)


PS. Remember to buy Warren Vache Sr's books on jazz musos. Heck, he's been playing with them since 1934, and listening well
before that. If memory serves me right, next year he will be 90 years old. Who else do you know that can write and talk with
first hand authority about OKOM in the 1930's? Not only that but he played with many of our heroes. Even with John Petter's
favorite drummer, Gene Krupa, if memory still serves me. And one of my favorite drummers, Johnny Blowers who, at 90+ was still
soloing on "Caravan" remarkably well two years ago at a New Jersey Jazz Society function. BTW, Vache Sr, co founded the New
Jersey Jazz Society as well as the American Federation of Jazz Societies, in his spare time, a while back.

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