[Dixielandjazz] Internet Access At Jazz Festivals

Kurt bowermastergroup at qwest.net
Fri Sep 26 16:08:44 PDT 2003

Something to think about...Let me know if there is any interest out there.

I have been contacted by a local Des Moines, Iowa entrepreneur who owns a
hi-tech company that has the capability of installing special equipment at
events (jazz festivals, etc) which enables anyone with a laptop computer to
have unlimited wireless access to the internet for FREE.  This service would
be available to festival patrons sitting and listening to the bands who want
to surf the web, check e-mail, send a message to their pals on DJML, etc. 

Festivals could also install computers in their sponsor/band hospitality
areas so sponsors and band members could check e-mail, surf, and more.
Additional computers could also be set up at festival information booths and
used by non-laptop owning attendees.  There are lots of possible uses to

A big perk to the festival is that this could be a money maker for them
through sponsorship of the computer access.  Every time someone accesses the
system, they see a custom home page BEFORE THEY RECEIVE ACCESS TO THE
INTERNET.  This page could have any useful information the festival wants,
from band schedules to festival sponsor ads (with links to their website)
and more.

On this page, there is an "On Line" link.  When someone clicks the button,
they are sent to a pre-determined "website home page".  This could be the
festival website or a sponsor could pay a fee to make it their site.  Once
there, the surfer can spend time at the site, or type in a web address or
search for anything on the web, just like they do at home.

The interactive possibilities are endless with this system and using it for
short periods (a few hours to a few days) is a relatively new concept.  Up
to now, it has only been used in permanent installations.  In Des Moines,
there are 13 different business locations where this system is being used.
Ranging from restaurants, hotels, and even Sec Taylor Stadium (where the
Iowa Cubs play).  

People actually bring their laptop to the baseball game and surf the web
while watching the game.  They can check sports scores, stats, or anything
else they want.  There are even customized interactive games they play where
they can guess what will happen in the next inning and win prizes if they
are correct.

The same could happen at a jazz festival near you.  This is exciting
technology and the only limitation is imagination. 

If anyone has interest in using this technology and learning more about how
to make it a reality at your festival or other event, let me know.  I'll
pass your requests for information on to the company.

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